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    ^^ What about Acid Fog? I hear that's better than Firewall nowadays.
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    Default Weapon proficiencies

    If you plan to solo as much as possible I wouldnt be so quick to throw melee out at lower levels. You will have access to many spells that can put you almost on par with melee classes for the first couple levels.

    I am just leveling my tr wizard and think I barely cast an offensive spell basically soloing thru level 6-7. Am an elf using a longsword, pretty appropriate I think. I would try to keep in mind that in dnd even casters would use conventional weapons, try not to see it as breaking character/class.

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    burning hands+scorch+scorching ray+fireball with all metas off = many casts per shrine
    Acid spray+melfs+acid blast+acidrain= many casts per shrine

    The first 2-3 spells should be castable with echoes of power so you can just kite backwards while sp is slowly building for another cast.

    Try to kill more then 1 mob per cast of aoe spells like scorch/burninghands/acid spray, unless its on higher diffcultly or its something named/high dmg to you. You'll make your sp bar go alot further killing 4 kobolds @ a time.

    shield block with a light mithral shield (no arcane spell failure) between casts if you want some dr to take less damage and spend less on pots.

    Leave maxi/emp off unless you really need to blow something up fast like a red named orge or something that will 2-3shot you.

    1-2 points in each enhancement % dmg per spell type seems to be plenty.

    Make/find/buy a clicky or potions of superior inferno/corrosion for the appropriate spell levels, two weapons of 3x clicks per rest tend to be more then enough per quest.

    If all else fails get out a big axe and web + use echoes and swing for abit of extra dps when your in a pinch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zachski View Post

    AoE spam then?
    Yes I gather up the mobs at least 3 to 5 and one spell if positioned right can clear them out.

    So not even a Spellboost robe?

    No not even a spell boost robe. I do have enough plat to get me anything i want and i got a dagger of superior inferno and i keep it upgraded for max spell level i can cast, i have not gotten one for the acid though as I am trying not to use a lot of plat in the earlier levels.


    Well, alright. All of this advice is useful.
    I realize that I type when I am tired and I miss some words and such, but you can take a wizard first life even (as I was a cleric and I did not get anything really useful save for a +1 to conjuration spells DC) and use spells. Get the archivist necklace from korthos and you can easily make it to the shrines in a quest and solo quests at level and group for elite and lead kill counts, unless a sorc is in the party.
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    If you have a character planned out and want to avoid the typical Master's Touch 2hander route for early levels, you could take Augment Summoning and use Monster Summoning of the appropriate type. Once you're high enough (aka, Firewall range) you can use the free feat respec to change it over to what you actually want for your build (as summons get weaker as you get into the higher levels anyway). Pretty cheap, SP wise, for the damage it causes. It taking some of the attention away from you is a bonus.

    I fiddled around on a super low caster (got bored of using Barb for 100 Favor runs) and was surprised at how resilient they can be, even on Hard/Elite in some quests (and easy to 'heal' it by just summoning another). Rat or Dog for the level one spell (liked Rat a tad more - seems the newer summon options are often better).

    As a Wizard, you can easily swap out the old summon spell when you get a new spell level, whereas the swap process is more annoying for a Sorc.

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