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Thread: Advice on buffs

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    Default Advice on buffs

    My other toon is a level 4 cleric, and thus has access to level 2 spells. When I run with just a hireling or just one other member in the party, I can afford to put 3 or 4 buffs on the other party member and keep the buffs renewed throughput the run. However, when I am in a party of 6 members, I don't have enough spell points to give everyone 3-4 buffs and keep the buffs renewed without running out of mana for healing. What are the most important buffs, and to whom do I need to give them? Are there characters who really don't need to be buffed?
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    Knowledge of the quest is handy to decide what to buff.

    At the very low lvl i wouldn't buff much aside yourself as your buffs will be very short, sp consuming and usually easily replaced by potions; and your heals are quite sp inefficient until you can cast heal so you need to save for emergencies

    From midlevels you should try to keep 2 fundamental buffs up: Death ward and Freedom of movements plus the occasional resist after a death (they really start to shine when you can cast 30pts resists thus better than potions).

    As a general rule of thumb you should only buff what is not easily achievable by other means so DW and FoM as there is the grand total of one DW clicky (and you can't expect everyone to have it) and FoM appear on two items: epic timeblade and kundarak boots

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    I do not buff in the lower levels unless asked and then they get it once before the shrine and after the shrine if at all depending on how the quest goes and how much I need to use for healing.

    Also get some ardor clickies to make your cures better and so you do not need to turn out empower healing or any other metamagics.

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    At this level you can throw bless at the start of the dungeon and later at the shrines and that should be enough.
    If you know there is a lot of elemental damage coming (for example proof is in the poison) you can cast resist energy.
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    Most buffs are not worth casting at that level. Only do what's really needed. Typically this will revolve around using Resist Elements when dealing with a quantity of casters. When doing a kobold quest on elite, you want Lightning Res when dealing with shamans, or their lighting bolts will completely work you.

    Really, the other buffs you get at that point either have miniscule effect, too puny duration, or both. Once you start being able to use better buffs like Death Ward, Recitation, Freedom Of Movement, that's when you want to start expanding how much you buff. Also at those higher levels you've gotten more enhancements, more SP, and maybe the Extend feat, all of which makes buffing more viable without giving up too much in the way of offensive/CC casting and healing.
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    At low levels, a good buff is Bear's Endurance on the melee(s). More HP makes it easier to keep them alive. Of course, less useful if they have items giving them +CON already, though. Other than that, I never buffed much until ~Lv10 except when going into a boss freshly rested, where I knew I could spare the mana.

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