Hiyas all.

I though it was my imagination but I asked a few other clerics and they seem to agree that it feels slower casting spells in the CC.
My last run I was casting Raise Dead because Resurrection felt like it was taking 10 seconds for the animation to complete. It was painful to watch.
... and its not lag as some have said. I know spell lag and this isnt it.
I've been playing my cleric for long enough to know how long it takes to cast spells.
BladeBarrier is also affected.

So, Turbine, what is your reasoning behind this?
Are you trying to annoy the **** out of every cleric in this game every way you know how until no one is playing a healer and they will buy pots from the DDO Store?

On my other characters I am having lots of fun in the CC, but being a cleric in this game at the moment just sucks arse.

Not happy at all.