After much longer than it should have taken, I've finally hit level 20 for the first time. Now I'm not sure what to do...

I own Delara, Gianthold and Vale. None of these have epic quests, but I guess I can keep farming the raids. I can also finally craft a greensteel item, if I stop being lazy.

I also have one or two thousand points. What quest pack should I buy which will be fun for a while, give me epic quests, and which will maybe have some nice magic items to search for? Oh, and which people will actually run with me. I have trouble getting into parties sometimes, as a Wizard18/Rogue2.

Here's my current play style:

- I really enjoy disabling traps. Not sure why, but it's one of my favorite parts of the game. I don't have any Skill Focus feats, but I have max ranks, a wizard's intelligence score, and +15 items of search and disable. Is this good enough for epic traps?

- I'm an archmage, and make a lot of use of that. Arcane bolt, hypnotize, web and resistable dance are my primary spells. I assume that all of those but Arcane Bolt will remain useful in epic levels?

- I'm always afraid of running out of spell points. I guess I have to get over it in epic quests, because I'll have to use Mass Hold and Finger of Death a lot, from what I understand.

- I rarely get hit. Evasion and Halfling save bonuses keep me pretty much immune to most spells, while web, dance and hypnotize keep non-boss enemies from getting too close.

- What equipment bonuses should I be looking for? My beloved Wand of Blasting is going to be useless, so I guess I should grab one of the many useful weapons. Voice of the Master will go too, to be replace with that head thing I found in the Reaver raid (still waiting for a napkin).

And maybe I'm overloading the thread at this point, but what should I look for when I finally TR? Another wizard/rogue? A straight wizard? A sorcerer, or sorcerer/palladin (for that ridiculous save bonus)?