Hello i have never played a caster before, except a warchanter bard which has good buffs.

I'm going to start a permadeath-roleplay kind of group with a few friends and i decided to challenge myself and roll a human sorcerer (no access to VIP races and classes except drow). We are going to play only with the gear we find in quests.

I think i got the idea about how to build it (max CHA, lot of CON, little INT for skill points and a few point in STR maybe).

I'm playing a little with the character planner and i'm totally lost on my spell selection, mainly because i don't know what is working best (except that wall of fire is a must have). I'd like to nuke and buff the group if possible. Because of the nature of the group and gameplay we are after, it is very unlikely that we ever see endgame, so low-mid level efficiency would be a priority (i want to be useful to the group and deal a good amount of damage as early as possible).

So to you experts : what you my spell selection look like ? I'd also take any advice on feat selection.

Thanks you.