With the changes from PnP regarding spell damage and the number of spells per day casters can cast in DDO I think it's more than about time to stop ignoring wands and increase the number of charges and the bonus for wand and scroll mastery.

In PnP wands have 50 charges. I DDO that's a drop in the bucket even if they were to become more useful. Since we clearly have moved up from 6 ninth level spell per day to 60 ninth level spells per day would should be looking at increasing the number of wand charges from 50 up to 200 charges on a full wand. That would at least give them some advantage over scrolls by way of backpack space since wands cap at 4th level spells or lower in general and scrolls do not, and bring them up more in line with the way the game expects more usage than PnP.

I also thing that since spell power can be achieved over 500 that wand and scroll mastery has some room for improvements. 5 ranks at 15% per rank for full casters (a boost up to 75%) and 6 ranks for specialists (a boost up to 120% and recommend adding ranger to the the list with access to the enhancement - it can be in the arcane archer tree if kept). Adding ranger to the list of classes with the enhancement follows a first edition game mechanic with some item usage normally restricted to wizards and gives them a boost. For a flavor feel I would prefer rogues and rangers to be restricted to 5 ranks at 15% like casters but not a biggie.

This gives a boost to some classes that could use it while providing more means to stretch out SP for casters while making wands a bit more relevant while leveling up.