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    Default mid-lvl PM equip

    I managed to level my pale master to lvl 13, respecced her from acid to cold and think she seriously needs some new equip now (wearing several korthos items)

    Stuff I already have/made:

    -greater necromancy focus bracers (now that I got FoD, I want it to work)
    -con necklace
    -int goggles
    -str gloves
    -SP trinket
    -ff boots of springing
    -GFL ring (ok, its still on my bard)
    -greater/sup potency 6 weapon (sup is lvl 14)
    -major ice or void lore scepter
    -elfcraft armor

    This leaves belt, a ring and helmet slot... what should I get at that level? If I get a GFL belt i would even have 2 free ring slots. Since im considering making this char my first TR (wiz past live feats are both pretty good) getting some decent mid-lvl equip might be a good idea. I need some ideas for stuff to use until shroud/tod. Im also interested in endgame gear except ToD sets or Greensteel HP/SP items (already know about these). The new mystical alchemical crafts look nice but i havent played the raids yet, just flagged my 2 lvl 20 chars.

    Makkuroi: Caster TR (4th life: human FVS/Monk in progress)--Makkutank: Juggernaut copy (3rd life: WF Arti/Monk/Pal in progress)--Bringthem Backalive: Divine Caster, former main (2nd life: human lvl 24 FVS)--Makkuros - craftbot (human lvl 20 artificer)--

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    Few quick advices:

    Minos legens as helm, stacking 20hp + heavy fort even on a PM isnt' bad for the rare time not in form or when you'll use a Yugo int potion

    Sup nihil and sup freeze clickies

    If you are high enough with cannith crafting you can fill all your holes easily, like efficient metamagic, spear block, GFL ...

    Not so easy to aquire good things:
    Bracer of demon consort
    Ring of Thelis
    Reaver napkin
    GS 45hp conc opp
    GS 150SP
    Mabar robe / shroud of the abbot
    Staff of petitioner
    Litany of the dead

    Hope it helps.

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