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    Default Cleric spell list?

    I would like some input on what spells to carry on my Radiant Servant cleric.

    I have not found myself using many spells except buffs and heals, probably because I don't know which ones are a good use of SP and which ones aren't. I do use a maximized Divine Punishment on bosses in between heals, but that's about it unless I am soloing.

    I have a bunch of other spells memorized (naturally) and I sort of test them out from time to time, but I would interested to know what other clerics are normally using. My cleric is currently level 17.

    Any help would be appreciate!
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    It depends on what you're specs are. I use destruction and implosion (slay living at lower levels) but if you're necro DC's aren't high enough and/or you don't have enough spell pen then it's a pretty worthless spell. Same with greater command. It's great CC when it lands but it takes a lot to get it to land consistently at higher levels. I've used firestorm to some success in aussicrex valley or prey on the hunter (if I bother to kill anything there). It's just low damage per SP in most situations though.

    I really haven't tried out the symbols all that much but I hear some of them work pretty well. I like to keep harm for healing PM's but I found it to be a very useful offensive spell as well.

    Energy drain is pretty good. It lowers the enemy saves so you can land your insta kills.

    Cometfall does ok especially if you can knock stuff over with it.

    Last but not least holy aura. It blinds the enemies. It's great to utilize when you've got a bunch of mobs like eVoN 1.

    Maybe the best thing about all of this is that you have something for each different type of mob. If they have high reflex and evasion attack their will (greater command) or fortitude (destruction). If implosion does nothing then you can attack their reflex save by BB kiting or hitting them with a cometfall.

    As a cleric you get so many spell slots you have plenty of opportunity to try all this stuff out HF
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