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    I have a naga mouse and just got a Microsoft X6. nostromo I don't have. For the Microsoft X6 keyboard You need about 300 ms (.300 seconds) time break between equipping an item and being able to use it. You need about 100ms to select yourself before you cast a spell on yourself. The software from Microsoft makes it easy. Never tried macros on the Naga mouse.

    The Naga uses the numpad assignments 1-0,+/- for 12 keys on the side for the thumb. They are separate from the 1-0 keys on the standard keyboard. They can be macro'd, but I don't use them for that. They are for spells in combat. The Naga is a nice size and took me a week to get use to keys 1-6. Another week to get use to 7-12. I didn't try to use all the thumb keys right away. The 3 and 4 keys are there too next to the left mouse button, but now they I admit are hard to press.

    The X6 has 30 macro keys S1-30. S1-12 are as extra macro keys. S13-S30 are on its numpad. The keyboard has 3 settings or setups. 1 is standard keyboard (numpad works as numpad). 2-3 are for gaming and Numpad is for macros (extra keys in addition to numpad for Naga). I use the numpad on the x6 is quick heal raid members according to their number. Unfortunately until they add a number to the healthbars this is kinda hard right now and I might change it.

    As my total setup:


    The Naga Mouse only has 12 buttons. -/+ are 11 and 12.

    Naga is for - In Combat spells with metas. Risk of getting hit.

    on shortcut bars 10 and 9
    Naga thumb numpad
    1-3 Single heals with quicken and empower heal always on (3=emerg best heal)
    4-6 mass heals with quicken and empower heal always on (5=burst heal)
    7-10 Offensive casting spells - with all metas On (Destr,BB,DP)
    11-12 crowd control with quicken and heighen on -cometfall,greater command, soundburst (on shortcut bar 9)

    Shortcut bar1
    keyboard 1-0 are hot keyed direct to Bar 1.
    1-3 single cures/heals empower heal always on
    4-6 mass cures(burst has every meta) empower heal always on
    7-0 raise deads

    shortcut bar 2 1-6
    h,j,k,l,b,n keys macros

    h- best heal/cure scroll to be used after seperate toon selection. no macro.

    Macros selects me and equips and uses item:
    j- melee buff me- divine power item
    k- melee buff me- divine might
    l- melee buff me- rage item
    b- melee buff me- divine power spell
    N- emergency scroll heal/cure macro selects me and use scroll

    these are then added to the macro keys S1-6 on X6 keyboard

    shortcut bar 2 7-0
    7= mouse but3= positive aura
    8= Mouse scroll wheel = divine favor
    9= Q= fighter haste
    0= e= haste item
    9= Q= haste item (pally)
    0= E= exalted smite3 (pally)

    R=select me
    T=Primary weapon or sound burst spell no metas
    G=secondary weapon or greater command no metas
    F=voice chat
    V=destruction no metas
    C=blade barrier no metas
    X=divine punishment no metas
    z=cometfall no metas

    If things are going to be tough (pre setup for boss fight) and I have the SP for it I select empower and/or maximize separately for heals and cures.
    Nothing is selected always off.
    Empower heal is selected separately at high lvls always on.
    At lower lvls metas are selected differently due to less spell pts. Ie. I take maximize early for bursts, but have it off for everything else at low lvl.

    Any default letter used is the same except added cntrl infront of it like Cntrl+L for quest screen.
    The actual numpad on the keyboard is moved to the left side.
    It has emergency heals assigned to party raid members. If they add next update the party member number next to health bar this is setup to correspond to it. Select toon and use heal spell per numpad number (macro).
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    It is just a game.

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