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    Quote Originally Posted by voodoogroves View Post
    I'd say "nearly all clerics' and "nearly no FVS"
    and you would be correct.


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    *looks around* I don't know...


    Well, my Drow PM heals itself pretty well with Aura on and when surrounded by a mob that can't be Wailed on I use Burst when I hit 40% Hp. With Max, Emp and Quicken on it hits for a fair amount while keeping me up, Recon can't do that.

    On the other hand a WF can be healed by divine energy, which unlike Harm isn't directional. To use Harm on a PM it has to be in front of the healer, so while a healer can throw a Heal on a WF anywhere within it's range, the PM has to be in a specific location to get healed. Gettting a "You are not facing PM name" is a pain when you see a PM about to die.

    Another reason for WF to win this is when you get incapacitated, you have no idea how often I curse my bad luck, why? PM die rather then go incapacitated while in form, so while a WF can be brought back up by a divine or arcane a PM turns to a Soul Stone. Getting hit and brought to zero and simply dying is a painful experience I wish on no one...

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    Fairly straightforward. PM healing is vastly superior under a given incoming damage threshold, and a fairly low one at that - where they can survive encounters using nothing but aura.
    Beyond that point, they need to cast burst - which is an incredibly expensive spell compared to reconstruct (though better now that it need not be heightened).
    It is also possible to scroll reconstruct, stretching your sp - while there are no easily available harm or negative burst scrolls.
    While levelling PM healing is probably more efficient. This will flip when enemies start dealing damage you have to take seriously.
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    Recon is better, much better for extremely spiky situations, and situations in which you will probably run OOM without external healing (think going in-form in eDQ2).

    Most of the incoming damage, though, once you learn the quests - isn't all that spiky (especially if you have insightful reflexes, and you should, it's a beautiful feat). For example, you can solo some easier epics just using the death aura, never firing off an actual burst.
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    given how OP phrased the question its whose the best self healer not who is the best soloer/survivable-build/enhancements/dc/sp-efficient...

    PM may have other goodies but its healing potential is not on the same lvl as a WF, not sure right now which is best AM or PM (funny short names) seems very balanced currently assuming you choice one of the good AM builds

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    Quote Originally Posted by testing1234 View Post
    given how OP phrased the question its whose the best self healer not who is the best soloer/survivable-build/enhancements/dc/sp-efficient...

    PM may have other goodies but its healing potential is not on the same lvl as a WF, not sure right now which is best AM or PM (funny short names) seems very balanced currently assuming you choice one of the good AM builds
    All of those are relevant to "which is the best self-healer", though.

    I would say that a character that doesn't ever take any damage would be the best self-healer in the game because they self heal all the damage they ever take with no effort or resources (because they take 0 damage).

    Similarly, a character who can heal themselves for 1000 HP at a shot for 0 spell points isn't going to be a very effective self healer if they only have 100 HP and take more than 100 HP worth of damage at a shot in level appropriate quests. That 1000 HP self heal is overkill when you've taken less than 100 damage and it's worthless if you take more than 100 damage.

    Instead of looking at just who has the bigger numbers, the best way to look at who has the "best" self healing is to see who lives longer in different kinds of content.

    Pale Masters in undead form are almost unkillable when there is a steady stream of non-spiky damage that is less than their aura can overcome. Warforged in Warforged form are better at dealing with big damage spikes because they have their own reconstruct and they can get emergency heals from a friendly Cleric/FvS/Paladin/etc.

    So who is the best self healer? Someone who can choose between Undead/Aura form and WF self healing through reconstruct when the quest/raid calls for it.

    The choice isn't WF vs. Pale Master.
    The choices are WF vs. fleshie and AM vs. PM.

    You can make a WF PM.
    You can make a fleshie AM.
    You can make a WF AM.
    You can make a fleshie PM.

    It's up to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GotSomeQuestions View Post
    For average difficulty content, Pale Masters are basically untouchable. Their passive healing will usually outpace the damage they take (the major exception is enemy casters with Searing Light and the like), and you can throw a Burst in emergencies. But for tough content, you can't beat Quickened Reconstruct. And WF can carry a stack of recon scrolls, too, which is a nice cushion on your sp.

    The two are fairly even, it depends a lot on what kind of content you expect to spend most of your time in, and which set of Prestige benefits you prefer (PM has the edge there, but gear can change the equation).
    ^THIS^, I'd give the edge to WF though, as a quickened reconstruct + max/emp reps is much more reliable than a neg energy burst in my experience. Much easier to spam self-healing on a WF wiz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrmorphling View Post
    Well i found out that the vast majority of divines (and near 100% clerics) sport harm and in heavy damage situation it can be very convenient to have a PM self healing with the occasional harm when falling below like 200hp (Suulo in both versions, eDA bosses for example).

    Back on topic both have their pros, as lareadysaid recon is more efficient as 'panic button' while death aura is excellent hp per sp
    And after a while they remove it.
    I removed harm from my cleric spell list weeks if no months after hitting 20 and I don't regret it.

    It's far less sp efficient to heal a PM with harm than someone with a heal spell (due to enhancements you usually have for heals but not for harm).
    You cannot use your mass cure, you cannot use your auras (even less efficient).
    You need line of sight (and PMs tend to move a lot in fights).

    They choose to be in PM form in a group with a healer so I tell them they're on their own.
    They're always fine with that since I've never met a PM that didn't consider himself good enough to survive by himself I still raise them once in a while when they die.

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