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    Default Static Anti-Rush Group on Argo Server

    Hello all, I'm starting a Lvl 4 anti-rush, anti-zerg static group on the Argonnessen server. Characters will be required to join a newly created guild, "Denizens of Dread" and agree to its guild rules. The details are here:

    Static Party Name: Dissidents of Dread
    Meeting Day & Time: Every Sunday, 4:30-7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
    F2P/P2P: VIP or Premium with all Adventure Packs
    Starting Character Level: 4
    Classes/Races Sought: Any Class, Any Race at this Point
    Past Lives: First Life Only, No TRs
    Default Quest Difficulty: Elite
    Spots Currently Open: 5 out of 6

    RP (Roleplay): Low to mild RP (playing your character concept when you feel like it, but not necessarily staying in character)
    Permadeath: No permadeath rules apply
    Ears/Speakers: Required
    Voice/Mic: Not required, but slightly preferred

    The group will be doing almost every quest from the bottom of the Adventure Compendium to the top on elite, more or less in order (but skipping past quests in chains until we have a high enough level to finish the whole chain). We'll even start by wiping up Korthos Island quests on elite for those who need it.

    If we have to pick up extra members through LFMs, we won't take anyone whose levels will result in more than a -10% XP penalty. So, we're going both for some challenge and some decent XP. We won't play these toons outside of the party unless, for some reason, we need to play catch up to a member(s) who gained higher levels (maybe from some people missing a quest or two on a particular week).

    Keep in mind that interested persons will have to join and agree to the guild rules of Denizens of Dread as stated in this link.

    If you would like to join this static party, PM me with your:
    (1) Character Name
    (2) Character Class(es) and Levels
    (3) the planned End-game Build of your Character's Class(es) and Levels [e.g. FvS 20, Wiz 18/Rog 2, Brd 20, Clr 18/Mnk 2, Brb 18/Ftr 2, etc,]
    (4) and whether or not you use voice/mic.

    Feel free to leave any other comments/questions in this thread or PM me.
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