I don't know if this is the right place to put this, but with all the complaining I feel like I should voice my opinion so the positive voices don't get drowned out by the negative.

With the 11.1 patch, I rather like the UI. The party bar is better than it was in 11, and I can see people's hp values. Which is kind of interesting as a healer because I can make the decision on what to cast on them based on their hp. Kind of. Mind you I thought the pre-11 party UI was just fine. But the new one is also nice. Thank you Turbine for removing pets and heads from the party dialog. Class icons are much more useful than someone's face.

I also kind of like the new global cooldown thing - it has made it much more apparent to me when I will be able to use any given ability. I'm not sure if it was literally just a color change, but whatever actually changed, I rather like it. And it does not in any way induce spasms and seizures as some have suggested. Thanks Turbine!