We are looking for two more members. We play Wed/Sun at 9-1 EST (8-12 CST) on Argo. Our group currently consists of a human sorc, drow bard/rogue, human fvs and horc barb - all capped, 3 are TRs. Most of the group has been playing since 2006, I am the only f2p noob.

We have no real requirements except that you bring a capped character - the class is irrelevant. We have no class. We don't really care how long you've been playing or what equipment you've got. I take care of all the dying for the group, so you don't even need to worry about that. If you need to flag for something let us know and we should be able to take care of it.

We are also leveling some low lvl toons as a group, all lvl 4, but we aren't taking that too seriously. I am the healer in that group, so you have been forewarned.

Everyone in the group is either VIP or premium with all the packs (I don't have 3barrelcove, but I don't think you're missing anything there). We are currently shortmanning epics for the most part. We split loot fairly evenly according to whomever needs it the most or throws the biggest hissyfit. We are all adults, somewhat mature, and 75% of the group knows the game fairly well.

If you join and are a healer, please be advised that we will require you to keep the lvl 2 fiendish bat that we summon alive through epic claw. Our gimp fvs couldn't do it even though we had it displaced, stoneskined and had hit it with GH and bard songs. If you are a cleric, you are allowed to cast DI on it.

Please PM if interested.