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    Default Call for new static

    Call for the Priest I'm dying! (Judas Priest fans?)

    Now that my fall schedule has solidified, I see a perfect spot for a new super-hardcore PD static group. One night a week, for around 3 hours, on either Khyber or Argo. In an inspired moment, I thought of a simple restriction for the static, to add to the other simple ones of The Core , that would make this venture rock hard.

    1. No prestige classes.
    2. Bravery bonus all the time (base quest levels 1-10 elite, 11+ hard or elite by consensus).
    3. All other Core rules apply.

    Sent message or tell to Mo... on Khyber. I would like to start ASAP (one week? two?)
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    HC stands for Hard Core
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    Default judas priest?

    I'm a fan of teh priest (sexual issues notwithstanding), but what are you talking about?

    If i get it right, you want a party group thing that plays hard core ruleset. Do clerics get to abstain from healing others?

    So, can you explain without acronyms? Or does it not matter that IDK? Perhaps you don't want anyone who doesn't immediately grasp your intent? Curios...
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    Oh, a static group is one that meets regularly, like once a week. And doesn't run with others outside the group so they can all level up together.

    And yes I'd like to try running with a super-hardcore ruleset, part of which means doing without any prestige classes. The other parts of our ruleset would come from The Core on Khyber. Just refer to those if you're interested.

    Pure clerics would be a tough class to play if having to forego radiant servant, but that's all part of the challenge. Likely favored souls would be a more popular choice... but you suit yourself.

    I'd play just about any class depending on what others choose.
    The Core HC Permadeath Guild
    HC stands for Hard Core
    on Khyber

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