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    Default Proc on attack item effects do not work with ranged?

    I did some testing and it seems item effects that can proc when attacking do not work with ranged even when they should according to the item description.

    I equipped my repeater mechanic with Fabricator's Bracers and Parasitic Breastplate with Paranoia. Both Cannith Combat Infusion and Paranoia descriptions state that they work with ranged or melee attacks, but no matter how I tried they didn't proc at all when shooting with a repeater. When I switched to melee they worked normally, it didn't take very long for them both to proc.

    Also Greater Vulkoor's Cunning set bonus does not work with ranged attacks, nothing happens on a roll of 20. But that does not specifically mention that it should work with ranged, so I don't know if it's WAI or not.

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    From Lamannia, since the launch:
    Quote Originally Posted by Soulstabber View Post
    The new Fabricator Bracers on the other hand... it's bugged since day 1, and it's still not in the known issues and devs never talked about it, even though its been reported and posted on the other known issues thread

    Fabricator Bracers are not working with a bow/crossbow, since you can't get them to proc using ranged weapons. Also, the description clearly says it should work with ranged atks, so its not WAI.

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulstabber View Post
    Any news about Fabricators Bracers not working on ranged weapons?
    I gotta confess I am suprised that lamannia was full of artificers running around with repeater crossbows and such, and still no one is mentioning the fact that fabricators bracers are currently not working with ranged weapons.
    This update has a lot of ranged focused updates, but still a new item is not working properly with them =/

    Quote Originally Posted by Soulstabber View Post
    I don't see this bug anywhere, but i have submitted a bug report a while ago:
    Fabricator Bracers are not working with a bow, you can't get it to proc...
    Also i already bug reported and it's still NOT in the known issues or heard a dev reply, i ended up giving up and not buying the pack because thats the only item that interested me in there anyway and it does'nt work and looks like there is no interest to fix it anyway ^_^

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    Something isn't working for ranged combat when it should? I can't really say I'm surprised, given Turbine's track record on ranged combat and effects/abilities.
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