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    Thumbs up Elite Schemes of the Enemy

    That was the most fun I've had in a while (with the exception of Blown to Bits, of course).

    The end fight was complicated and required some amount of tactics and resource management as opposed to just brute force.

    Pugging it was surprisingly successful.

    Only complaint I had was the Dungeon Alert in the final room - as a mechanic designed to decrease lag by impeding zergers, it really has no place in the final boss fight of a quest. It would be nice if this could be turned off.

    Edit: Nevermind, one more complaint. 7 chests at the end means we all had to leave one or two of those tasty boots behind (exclusive ). Better too many than too few, but these are pretty powerful items. Maybe adjusting the drop rate down a little bit so that 6 people don't get 8 boots total.
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    Me too had lots of fun running away from 50iron defenders, about 25+ each floor... at a time they made themselves a blockade, like 20iron defenders stuck on the higher platform, couldn't move at all that was hilarious... I enjoy the huge ammount of respawn the new update brought. Always good have an AoE at those

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