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    Default Test Mabar Early Please!!!

    My suggestion is that you bring Mabar out for 1-2 days about two weeks before Halloween just in case something or other is wrong like with the cove, we'll still have a chance of playing it by Halloween when it matters.
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    Yes, please do.
    Rumor has it you have a test server...
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    Not all that bothered by the cove being late due to issues, 'cus I already have most of what I want from it... However I missed Mabar last year, and can really use a couple docents...
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdemeritt View Post
    Not all that bothered by the cove being late due to issues, 'cus I already have most of what I want from it...
    You, sir, are in the minority. I have upgrades to make and so do a lot of other people. New toons have been made in the past year and some peeps have never seen the event. Fix it fast, I say!!!

    Back to the topic: I'm sure the thought of making sure the new Arti class and their little dogs don't crash Mabar has crossed the minds of the developers. It crossed mine and I don't even work for Turbine.
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    Default Agreed


    need a lot of Mabar items and usually don't have all the time I need to during the event to make them all. Would hate to see it shortened extensively for the same kind(s) of issues. Cove on the other hand I have really farmed to excess and am not missing terribly yet. Maybe by the weekend (if fixed by then) I'll warm up to hours of torch setting :P

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