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    Default 11 cleric 1 rogue , where to go next ?

    Indeed i m almost 14 (rank 65 with 6-7 points stored). Before leveling i would like to finish content that may become trivial.

    I did most of the desert tombs solo, but wizard king in duo. Then diplomacy quest in lord plaza (i screwed it completelty since after the boss died i was locked into the room and unable to do optionnals). Also did the excavation chain (for the mantle), i won't ever redo it cause of quayle the squishie and the mad amount of rust monsters and puddings. I did altharaxa and the cult of the six a couple of levels ago.

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    Finish the desert and start to dig into Gianthold. The walk-up quests are level 12 I believe, and good XP.

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