Most (all?) quest chain end reward lists have some versions of regular random items, which are BtA and have lower than normal ML. Well, I was astonished to read the descriptions of some items Basmore Trask offered me upon completing Reign of Madness. ML 8 Banishing +1 dagger was "Wow, JUST what I wanted!" astonishment -- my level 9 sorc has been having real problem with mephits, and that dagger was ideal[1]. But while lucky, it is in line with general chain end rules: Banishing +1 weapons are normally ML 10. The other thing though...

Another item on the list was Clever +6 Ring. When I moused over it, description showed no minimum level at all. If I had a characted slot available, I'd start a new wizard toon just for that ring! Almost took it for my rogue 5, but eventually decided on the dagger.

I seriously hope that was a mistake in description, and not really an ML 0 Clever +6 ring.

As an aside, some other items in the reward list looked like deliberate jokes. Stack of 5 potions of Resist Cold 20? ONE potion of Resist Cold 20? Imagine clicking one of those by mistake!

[1]He is actually Sorc 7 / Pal 2, so Banishig +1 two-hander would be really ideal. But I am not complaining!