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    Default Strange Quiver Bug

    While playing my new Artificer tonight, I finally decided to empty her wide quiver of all the junk arrows which had accumulated in it from her adventures this past Sunday.

    (It's a shame her conjured bolts can't be stored in her wide quiver; all the quiver does is accumulate looted ammunition, so it's not really even a quiver for her, but more of an automatic-useless-ammunition-collector, but that's a topic for another thread.)

    So, I open up the quiver interface, and use the arrow buttons to start dumping the ammo to her inventory. I get down to the last stack of arrows, a stack of 20 +2 Silver Arrows, and it will NOT come out of that quiver. The arrow buttons on the quiver interface don't work on it, and it also won't let itself be dragged out of the quiver and into inventory.

    That darn stack of 20 +2 Silver Arrows just will not budge.

    It's a regular old wide quiver, purchased from the ranged weapon NPC merchant in the Harbor, nothing special.

    Anyone else experiencing this, or know how to fix it?

    It's not a huge deal, really, since the quiver isn't really functioning as a quiver on that character anyway, so I have no qualms about destroying it if I need to eventually...

    ...but I did bug-report it, and was wondering if it's "just me."
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    Don't worry, it isn't just you. read this:

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    Glad it's not "just me."

    Bummed about that long list you made me read. Not much fun there. Busy week ahead for the folks @ Turbine, that's for sure.

    They're gonna need more pints...
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