This is just friggiing bs. Just had a cove run, where i saw almost evry single torch/tele/item dropped. Even if someone already picked it up, i still saw the torches and the line (obviously u cant select those 'imprints').
How am i supposed to run this if i cant tell where the line is, cos i see all lines ever created!? Combine this with this idiotic bug with clicks/hits not registering or registering late and ur totally screwed as melee in there. I cant tell left from right, picking up torches i did not clck on, cos the attack-click is not registering properly. totally bs.
And the ol' lag monster rears up its ugly head as well.

I knew that turbine doesnt have the balls to call off something they already announced, but i was still hoping that the 'new Q&A' might actually do something. As usual i was right and am not happy about it.
Turbine, keep going this route and now im very confident to say: u will loose money. Not from me, cos i already did decide long ago this 'service' turbine is 'providing' isnt worth cash. But others will get annoyed as well. All the shiny new content (and i applaud for somethig fresh and challenging) will not cover up for it.