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    Default Quicken animation

    First off, I'd like to say how much I love that you can choose what metamagic is applied to your spell.

    There's a problem though with the Quicken one.

    On my cleric, I leave Quicken off globally but I turn it on for spells like heal, mass heal, ect.

    I noticed for spells that have longer casting times normally, like mass heal, the animation for casting remains the same even though I have it turned on for that spell; however, the healing part of mass heal actually happens halfway through the animation.

    While I like the fact that the healing part happens as fast as it would if it were quickened, the seconds after where the animation still goes on is annoying (slower movement, can't cast anything else, ect)

    Anyone else notice this? Or am I just lagging badly? :P

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    its bugged... not just you

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    Default Yes - Confrimed

    I have seen this my self and the other way as well

    where u have something as never quicken but the animation is fater then the casting

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