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    Default Weapons for new raids

    What are the best sets of weapons for this? Holy adamantine of GCB for Lord of Blades and Vicious adamantine of GCB for Master Artificer?
    My minIIs work in LoB quite well, but really suck in TMA.
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    It's a little annoying that the LoB has good DR, while most of the stuff in MA doesn't take good damage. With GCB shards being so expensive to craft it's a huge cost for two weapon fighters to have to have a different set of weapons for each raid.
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    I was thinking an adamantine mace of smiting could be good for my capstone paladin?

    The other option might be to craft some holy adamantine of construct bane?

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    From my own experience with him he's lawful evil with DR Adam and Good and sits at an ac of approximately 64 to 69 depending on difficulty settings...

    He's a construct as you all know plus has some light resist. Intimidate seems trigger 'bouts 55, 60 and 80 on dungeon difficulty, I am not sure on epic as while I've not run that setting on a toon with intimidate yet.

    He hits for 80s on norm and bout 100 on every other setting... he's also a DP seems to like to toss at me for no apparent reason ... I could be accross the platform, why he picks me I've not a clue?

    That's 'bout all I wrote down on him... not quite sure how incorrect I am as of yet, if anyone discovers something out of line let me know.
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