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    Default Bonebreaker the golem

    So, is the only way to get to him a really high jump skill or a Fly spell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcru View Post
    So, is the only way to get to him a really high jump skill or a Fly spell?
    Huh? I forget which one is BoneBreaker but I have done all the rares in the Battlefield on multiple toons and none of the are hard to get to.

    If BoneBreaker is the iron golem you have to go around and up, starting by trailing the wall below that surrounds the front of the Tower of Despair which is above it.

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    Getting to Bonebreaker requires you to be past the Tower of Despair gate. You're probably approaching from outside of the gate, which is your problem. If you have access to the Tower Cave, you can warp there from Amrath, leave, and stay close to the north edge of the map as you move east. Go to the left of the High Council Shrine and there's a path upwards which leads to where Primus Makari sometimes is located. To the right (south) of where Makari spawns, there's a path leading slightly downhill (don't drop, just follow the path) which leads right to where Bonebreaker sometimes appears.

    If you don't have access to the Tower Cave, work your way through the Flayed Lands to the gate and then head north and east from there to the Shrine to the High Council.
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    40 jump, feather fall, and haste. Jump just to the side of the platform the triog archers are standing on and u can make it accross, 1 inch either side and u will slide down and fall in the little ravine.

    Jump from the wall near where the cats spawn.

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