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    Default Whitefang (Schemes of the Enemy) phases out too frequently

    The optional named spider Whitefang in the quest Schemes of the Enemy phases out so frequently it literally took 4 minutes to kill him on hard difficulty. Please reduce the frequency at which Whitefang phases out. It's super annoying the way it is today for melee to kill him.

    Yes, I've bugged this.
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    Welcome to Dungeons and DoT'ers Online. Working as intended.

    (no, this was not intended to be anything other than a reasonably bad joke).
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    If you can manage to paralyze him during one of his phase-in moments, he becomes absolute cheese to beat. No other CC i have tried on him so far has worked, especially spell-based ones, because he inevitably phases out at the last second, wasting the spell cooldown AND SP -- and is immune when it actually does land :/

    All phasing mobs (spiders, vampires, wraiths, Ogre mages, Abashai, etc) share this same broken, stupid mechanic -- and it is worse on "boss" types. Its ok to have this mechanic -- it adds a unique challenge to the mobs. But it is extremely overdone. A mob should NOT phase in, then phase out immediately, making it impossible to hit them at all -- then go into a chain of this nonsense -- and they get to hit YOU a couple times before they whiff out again. AND it costs you whatever resource you used when the phase-out happens (SP, cooldowns, etc).

    There should be a minimum amount of time a mob is FORCED to stay phased in before the option to phase out can be used again (IE: a cooldown). You can even buff the HP of the mob a little to make up for it, and it would STILL be 100 times less aggravating.

    On the positive side, a mob that spaz-phases like this will take a tick of damage each time if it is in an AOE at the time. That makes a max/emp firewall with superior inferno etc. QUITE effective on them

    The other thing is that the phasing mobs (especially spiders) will phase out, run behind you, and phase back in, forcing you to constantly spin around in circles just to try and hit them one time -- while they are phasing right back out again. Its ok for a mob to "think" and try to get behind you -- but this is also overdone, especially when combined with the hassles created by the phasing in the first place. With Whitefang, its easy enough to jam yourself in the corner, drop an AOE, and just wait for him to die -- but the mechanic itself is still unnecessarily aggravating.

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