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    Default End of the week with Major Malphunktion

    Whew, what a week! Just wanted to check in so you know we are reading, and responding to some of the issues. So, as of right now we are not hot fixing. There will be a patch in a few weeks.
    Some of the things we are already working on are:
    • Wand string table errors-uuuugly.
    • Quivering Quiver Xoriat +3 Arrows mostly broken
    • Pet goes invisible from zoning
    • Blue dot player name not displaying on minimap
    • Last item in ingredient bag and quivers still displays
    • Artificer repair spells inscribed from scroll give 'spell not prepared' error
    • /show helmet not working if helmet was toggled off in U10
    • Invite to airship yields "pet too far away to receive communications" error
    • Can't tumble with rune arm equipped ( well, you can it is a double click)
    • Melee delays damage on first few attacks
    • Using paypal in store crashes game
    • Delirium puzzle tiles moving too fast
    • UI hp bar doesn't update when temporary HP bonus is removed
    • Warforged lack death animation-mobs and NPC’s.
    • Deepwood Sniper Shot breaks stealth
    • Repeater crossbows damage on reload animation
    • Bashing shard appears as 'Shard' with no details

    Overall we have a good chunk of bugs that are candidates for U11 Patch 1.

    Let’s chat about some of the other more…talked (Raged? Screamed?) about issues.

    Attack latency- We have a fix! I’ve seen it with my own eyes. This has actually been in the game for about 18 months, hence why it looked the same to everyone here. Expect to deal more damage than you are used to. Hey a side benefit! Time to play my Paladin again...

    Sneak at level 2 on the Artificer. This is ‘as designed’. There is an internal discussion about this, but at the moment it is the way it was designed.

    Artificer VIP- This is under discussion. Like I posted elsewhere, Turbine has attempted other things with the store that didn’t go well that we have removed. Just using my eyeballs it seems like a ton of people did buy the class, but I’ll leave it to the bean counters and marketing folk to make those decisions. I understand your displeasure, and there is talk about VIP's going on.

    NEW NOTE: when I say talk about VIP's I mean changes to VIPs for the good, but maybe not directly concerning Artificers.

    Can’t enter Quest/Zoning exc- The occasional error entering quests is because of server load. The good news, lots of people are playing. The bad news is we do not do a very good job or gracefully reporting this to players. We are always looking at ways to make this better.

    Delirium closing- We have a fix for this too, but it could lead to some pain elsewhere. A classic pull on a thread of a spiderweb, the whole web can move…or break. While you are leveling up you Artificers, please keep an eye out for content not behaving correctly, especially parts of dungeons that have complex behaviors like the tile puzzle in Delirium, or wave battles.

    The UI- all the various complaints, discussions and gentle criticism is under discussion.

    One more: Crystal cove will break Bravery streaks!! Sucks I know...but think of the loot....

    Oh OK I’ll do Zaodon’s list…:

    cannot smash breakables on 1st try, ever, with melee. It requires at least 2, sometimes 3-4 swings before it breaks. Missiles seem to work 1st try, for the most part.

    - repeaters (possibly all xbows) get out of synch instantly, within the first 3-5 shots. Load animation fires, fire animation loads. Swapping to melee, and then back to the xbow fixes it for the next 2-3 shots, then it bugs out again immediately.
    Known issue.

    - Arti dogs "disappear". The dog disappears as well as the Hireling control bar for the dog. You click "summon", it says you already have a dog summoned. Only a log out/log in fixes this ridiculous bug.
    Known issue-and annoying.

    - many wands screwed up. weird stringDID values.

    - Sneak is missing for Artis at level 1. You have to get to level 2 before Sneak appears in the feat list.
    WAI, but under discussion

    - unable to remap "Fire Rune Arm" key in Key settings reliably. Example, CAPSLOCK works, "E" does not work.
    Known. Something weird happened here.

    - Cannot use Extend (and possibly other metamagics) on Arti spells which SHOULD allow them. Example, Elemental Weapons should be Extendable.
    Known issue.

    - When a monster switches aggro, the intimidate symbol sometimes pops over their head.
    With a dog?? If so, yes the dog is scary.

    - bugs in camera angle, camera is panning thru walls, which blanks your screen out.
    Known issue

    - I Dream of Jeets, the "secret" shrine that became inaccessible due to a bug in update 8, fixed in 8.1; has been reverted. And now both the rest and resurrection shrines are unavailable.
    ARGH AGAIN? Jeets does not dream of resting. Known. Never trust a thief.

    - The text on most spell boosting clickies, that were finally fixed in update 10; have now been reverted to the earlier incorrect form.

    - descriptions of things across the board seem truncated. shop windows before U11 it would show almost the entire description of an item now it just shows: +5 Item of ...., +4 Shock Item of ...., Cleric, Lvl 11 Contract:..
    New Store on 9/26…this will be looked at again.

    - Blue dots on map don't show player name when you mouse over them. No more "Come to my dot" instructions, or even being able to see who's in quest or not from map.
    Many map note issues, all are being squashed for U12

    - Summoning an eladrin ghaele causes the game to nearly quit for your entire party.
    Tested 3 times in Sleeping Dust. Insane lag. (same for many summons, huge AI lag)

    - weapon swap lag is back (possibly related to Masters Touch, or the UMD bug has returned, or both)

    - Artificer Knowledge : Potions Does not work as per the description (TL: DR -> increases casting level on pots) Tried Haste / Heroism / Rage
    -NEW! Crystal Cove hates me. Already found a culprit, one step to add to the testplans. Sigh.

    Well, hope you are enjoying the new stuff...and the old stuff. Didn't you miss Korthos? Anyway have fun over the weekend, and in Crystal Cove next week. The Cove is my personal favorite place in the least until...oh that would be spoilers.
    Marching on to U12...which is already fun as hell. Good signs when QA is already enjoying the new stuff this early.
    Off to grab a couple of pints...Tom Brady told me to start two days early seems about right!

    Go Pats!

    Major Malphunktion
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