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    Default New idea for private PvP


    Get this, 6v6, Guild v Guild, New Cannith Cannons!!!

    Two teams battle it out in this ALL NEW test of power and teamwork. Forget capture the flag, you and your guild mates work together to infiltrate and ransack your enemies airship while humiliating them in battle. Loot the chest, plant the bomb and bail before BOOOM!!!

    Much like the quest Blockade Buster in the Assault on Summerfield chain, you must board the enemy ship, find the crest to unlock the loading bay while holding off the opposition, plant the bomb set the timer BUT not before taking they're precious booty!!

    Can it be made MORE ineresting without becoming an exploit?? How about a raking system?? The more battles you win the more prestige you gain, the more prestige you gain the more powerful spells you can use, YES, you should have to EARN the ability to use certain spells such as Wail of the Banshee, Finger of Death, Summon Monster, Symbol's and of course DOTs.

    I've run this idea by a few of my friends and they LOVE it!! Too hard to set up?? If you look at the space you have on the guild airship im sure there is plenty of room for another ship there, but side by side isnt that slightly too easy?? WRONG!! Air lifts - like in many quests, use these to throw yourself in the air and board the other ship!! BUT to get back to your ship without blowing you and your team mates to pieces, have a lever on the ship to control these air lifts so as to make it harder for the team to make it away with your treasure. Of course a ladder from water to ship will be required but the swimming back exposes you to deadly damage from a single Chain Lightning!!!

    Any ideas on changes that could be made?? Coz in my head this would be a great way to change the boring PvP system we have in place right now, bring some real fun and teamwork into it!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagolar View Post
    08-31-2011, 02:01 AM

    03-29-2012, 08:15 AM

    As Flav noted, unless you're directly reinforcing a topic you have a vested interest in (and even then, if it's been dead long enough, no) you should make a new thread.

    As for the topic itself: Not that a guild oriented pvp system of locations wouldn't provide an interesting side area for those interested, but the suggestion as offered is just too extreme to properly address.

    So if you do decide to nec up something, perhaps something a bit less prone to give us nightmares?
    if it's still on the first page it's fair game

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