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    Indeed. We should take a vote to see which is more annoying, this or the mousewheel zoom lock... In any case, both deserve to be hotfixed immediately.

    Ah! Good to know I'm not the only one who has experienced this now and then.
    Maddening when it happens in an area where you have to do quick zooming and looking around.

    Has anyone else noticed that once you exit the Bank in the Marketplace, the audio persists and is overlaid on all other audio? It has followed me everywhere...into the taverns, quests...everywhere. I've logged out and back in with no change
    No, but every now and then I will get kobolds talking to me long after I've exited the challenges, or I will hear about Blood Plate 2 hours after I've finished the quest and I'm standing around quietly crunching down some shards not really paying attention.

    Scares the bejeebers out of me. After the first couple of times, I put the DM voice audio waaay down so it doesn't just jump out of nowhere and make my cat freak out while it's sitting on me. I bear the scars to this day. True story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilldude
    Dude, did you see they way that guy just pressed button 1? It was amazing! A display of skill unseen since the 1984 World Games where in the men's room, between events, a man washed his hands with such unbridled majesty that people were claiming the faucet he used was OP.

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    I did some more testing today, and I think it has to do with logging out while in a particular zone...or perhaps I really don't know what I'm talking about it

    With the Buff Bug going on lately, I've been logging out and then back to clear the buff bar after quests. I've noticed that if I log off while in Wylkes house in the Inspired Quarter (with the cool, relaxed sitar like tune playing), once I'm back the audio overlaps no matter where I am.

    I have also noticed that the tavern sounds (the din of people talking, glasses clinking) persist a lot as well. I have plated around with the persistent audio option, but it doesn't seem to help.

    Please devs, say something
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    there will always be bugs in DDO it will never be bug free at any point in its lifetime.

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    I just want to note that this issue still exists. Music cuts out abruptly only to have another song playing. One most notable is being on the marketplace and having the music cut out suddenly and switching to the House J theme.

    Character title and generation menu still have the sudden cut outs as well.

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