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    Default Is there a way to turn off the annoying inventory "BUY NOW" button?

    I've already clicked on it a couple of times while doing some crafting. I'm not looking forward to seeing the DDO store pop up in the middle of a quest when I need to grab something out of my pack.

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    I didn't see an option for it on LLama & filed a report.

    That thing got me killed a couple times when I accidently clicked it. 5-10 sec freezeup-ish loading time, dead. - Remember to play in moderation. - A videogame shouldn't be your life.

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    I'm guessing the easiest way to make it go away is to buy the upgrade.

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    next time when you die you will get popup "You died... buy cake!"

    Yes. I realy don't like it...

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    Yes. Get rid of it, or give us the option to hide it. Pasting ads in our inventory is ridiculous. Especially in a place that is so easy to accidentally click while playing.

    I wonder if it could be hidden by a custom UI modification?

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    I understand that business is business, but the adds could be addressed at those that haven't spent a single dollar on the game. Those that have spent hundrets of dollars on the game with either the VIP or the Premium paying method already know what they need and if they really need it they will buy it in the store, there's no need to stuff it in their face.
    I believe that customers that are already paying deserve more respect than getting lots of adds everywhere.
    On the other hand free to play is how many start and after some time get hooked on the game, but if they see an Add'athon they might think that this is just another Pay-2-Win game and not give it the time to prove otherwise.

    So after thinking some time the forced adds are in no way cool. Show them once - ok, but let us turn them of after that. We will know that there is such a thing as the one that was advertised, but it will not annoy us.

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    yeah this is ridiculous - get rid of it please.

    Even better - here's a good compromise to address your business side.

    Open the store interface automatically upon every login to the game so that you can show people what's "new". That way, you're sure to get the attention each time someone logs in...however it has no impact on the rest of the playing experience as the new little "buy now" on the inventory has already shown to be problematic.
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    Just make it an inactive faded icon, so people know the option is there, and they can manually navigate their way to the DDO store and find it if they want it.

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