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    Default U11 Ad page error

    Your update 11 Ad page ( has an omission:

    Hard and Elite Difficulty Unlocks have received a permanent price drop of over 70%!

    Access Hard and Elite Difficulty the first time you run a dungeon to take advantage of Update 11's XP enhancing Bravery Bonus (include a learn more link)!

    At the end where it says in parenthesis 'include a learn more link) I assume someone forgot to include a "learn more" link.

    just a heads up.

    This ad page also says:
    "Make space by deconstructing loot into crafting materials while you're questing.
    Turn quest loot into essences while away from the Crafting Hall with Remote Item Deconstruction!"

    But we haven't seen or heard anything about that on Lammania... what gives?
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