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    Default Sarlona all Dwarf static group

    So lately i've been thinking about starting an all Dwarf static group, because you know, they're just cool. (Dwarves and Static groups).

    4 Members of my guild have already concented to become the master race (Dwarfs duh not those ugly metal/wood things) because of my guilds rules we can't promise you a place within it, if you are based on Sarlona then you may join your current guild with the Static group toon, but still only play within the static group, if not perhaps we can start our own within the static group.

    1) Have fun.
    2) Be a Dwarf.
    3) AH, Vendors etc. are all in.
    4) No twinking. Only exception to this rule is dexterity tomes to gain acces to iTWF/gTWF/imp. presice shot.
    5) All quests are in and farming is aloud (If you're premium we'll try to run the packs you have, if we decide to run something else i'll provide you with a pass)
    6) Have fun.
    7) Did I mention you have to be a Dwarf because they're the best?


    1) Arkadios (Dwarven monster with intimidate).
    2) (Don't know forum name) Kuro Zero (Tentative) (Dwarven Cleric/fighter)
    3) (Don't know forum name) Barrenwaste (Undecided, maybe a bard)
    4) (Don't know forum name) Bibbity (Tentative) (Undecided)
    5) Bokaboka (Pure Dwarven monk or Pure Dwarven cleric if Kuro Zero drops)

    If the Arcane is a rogue splash last spot is open to anything, rogue spot doesn't have to be pure. If you don't want either post anyway and then maybe Bibbity or Barren will take one of those and you can play whatever.

    All members will meet Korthos Snowside (incase someone hasn't unlocked sunny on Sarlona) at level 1 Saturday 24th of September 6PM EST (Time and Date both tentative)
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