So I have discussed this a few times with other players about my feelings on armor kits. I love the armor kits but I have a few problems with them that I'd like to bring up.

Pricing. Some of the armor kits are (IMHO) way too overpriced in the store. Why is something cosmetic more expensive than a few adventure packs? Not to bring it down even further, but some of the kits are a lame, re-colored skin of existing artwork. Is it really rational to sell these for the ridiculous prices they are set at?

Versatility. The armor kits are a one-time use, once applied to something it is gone forever. I put my first armor kit on an epic stonemeld plate, and lost it because I had to reset the augment slots on the armor - not cool, although that might be a "bug". People are constantly changing gear to make their characters better, I don't want my expensive armor kit to be stuck on something I no longer use.

Recycling - or better said, lack of. You sell an item in the store to remove armor kits from an item, but (as far as I know) you don't get the armor kit back, it just 'removes' it and destroys it from the item. Again I ask, why? we paid points for the armor kit, are paying points to remove it, would it be too much to ask for to get it back to use on another item?

Just my thoughts on it. If armor kits were cheaper and reusable, I honestly think the ddo store would sell *alot* more of them - I know I'd buy more.