Every time someone puts up a post on improving PVP most of the replies are:
No PVP, DDO isnt balanced for PVP, go play WoW... etc.

Many of these claims hold true. In most E-SPORTS, team PvP games include set in strategy and leveling curves.
The players that start out weak,end up very strong in end game (carries). The ones that start out strong at the start end up weaker in endgame. The high dps players have low durability. And the high durability players have low dps.

The Dungeons and Dragons setting is not a PvP realm. Players are usually balanced at mid levels, but at epic levels its the casters that dominate.

PvP in ddo, cannot have progression within the PvP setting, and is bound to the pen and paper idea of casters. This is why casters dominate in PvP.

The only way PvP can be balanced in DDO is in a teamfight with a balanced team, but not many people do this.

Many people suggest to modify stats, health, spells, within the PvP setting in order to balance it, however this is a huge undertaking.

I know many players that left DDO early game because of the lack of PvP capacity. So it may be profitable to improve it slightly, but balancing is not the way to do it.

Rogue sneak is definitely a skill that should be present in pvp, and if the base hit dice (not items) were trippled it may balance the playing field a bit.

One of the best Ideas I've seen was to have a seperate PvP server like lamania where you could transfer your character and fight intersever PvP battles. Orien vs Canith! This way the entire world could be a big PVP arena with no quests or questing, and all skills, items and classes could be incorporated and balanced properly without affecting the game. Scores could be added, and PVP guilds could be formed.
Tournaments, teamfights, arenas, etc could all come together.
Instead of entering a quest, you would enter a PVP instance. The party UI could be smaller to allow for larger teams. Different scenarios and minigames could be incorporated. This way, the haters could be PVP free in the main gaming world and the PVPers could get the balancing that they want in the PVP world.

But again, where is the money in this for DDO? I answer, if you build it they will come. Many RL friends and E-Sports community avoid playing DDO for lack of a good PvP system.