Normally if I am in the lobster, I am in thick-skin mode. I laugh at silly tells people send me telling me how gimp I am because I killed them 5+ times in a row on a cleric. I smirk when someone tells me how I suck as a player and myddo shows them to have no raid gear. I never send tells back (mostly because I know if I let myself get worked up I will become too mean) However, someone sent me some tells today that got to me completely. The worst part is, the tells weren't even about me:

Heres the synopsis of this little episode: there's a certain player famous on thelanis for being nearly invincible in the pit, and gets bored and clears the pit of anyone and everyone just for fun on his own. It's natural for people to get mad and trash talk, I understand, but when your making up complete wild stories about someone (who happens to be a friend of mine) you completely step over the line:

just in case you didnt follow it: I relayed most of the nasty rumor-like tells that were sent to me back to the person he was talking about. We both had a good laugh over it but at the same time it really did disgust me. kind of reminds me of a preteen spreading rumors in grade school just to spite someone. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a kid - either way, this kind of behavior is NOT appropriate.

Before anyone responds, please don't ask for names and please dont say names here. Mr. Rumor was reported for harassment and I intend to leave it at that, but the tells were too priceless to not post for the amusement of others .