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    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    Updated the demon weapon for high-end crafters. Xoriat demons always annoyed me, since I'd either use my regular demon beater and not break dr, or my aberration beater and get no bane. I finally decided on metalline flametouched iron of evil outsider bane, but you need divine level 90 to even attempt metalline so this is only a solution for accomplished crafters.
    uumm.. why both metalline and flame touched iron? metalline already bypass it as far as i know so you could take a blank item made of steel insted of more expensive one made of special material.
    it might as well make general beater that break DR of both xoriat demons and shavarath devils.

    sorry my error, checked wiki and metalline dont break flametouched iron >.<

    Quote Originally Posted by EllisDee37 View Post
    There are no demons in shroud, and demons (except Malicia) are chaotic evil, not lawful.

    In terms of construct beaters, I've decided to go with two different weapons:

    +5 True Chaos Adamantine 2[W] (bludgeon) of Greater Construct Bane
    +5 Holy Burst Adamantine 2[W] (slashing) of Greater Construct Bane

    The idea being that the true chaos one gets used on all constructs except the lord of blades, who gets his own crafted beater. He has 80% fort, so the better crit profile of slashing weapons adds some dps. Also, in a pinch the holy version works as a decent backup in elite house c quests after the true chaos weapon shatters into a million pieces from item damage halfway through the quest.

    >.< i always thought arraetrikos is a demon...

    for LOB (and in general constructs in house c) i have +5 Holy Burst Adamantine 2[W] (slashing) of Greater Construct Bane.

    for the inevetable from VON and for the other quest where he is repaired and go bersake (cant remember quest name) i use +5 Anarchic {burst for epic} Adamantine 2[W] (slashing) of Greater Construct Bane to bypass his DR since he is lawful neutral
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