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    Default Source of more cold absorption?

    Hi, I've crafted triple water greensteel dwarven axe.
    I would like to get some more cold absorbtion, so I could tank shadowfiends, instead of running like an idiot .
    I tried at crafting recipes, but they got only negative, fire and ele, also I searched DDO wiki, and CA, even on epic items, is not stacking with GS (the same numbers).
    Is there any item with CA other than 10/15/20?
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    As far as i know, the absorp GS item, fireshield, and an Icy potion of Frostbite are the only cold reductions ingame short of being a ranger/FVS or pastlife feats.

    The Pots can be obtained though ice games turn in's. they dont bind so you can also buy them, they give 1hr of 20% cold absorption and 20% more damage from fire.
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    You don't even need a T3 cold absorb item. I tank on my wizzie self healing with silverflame pots with a Tier2 item
    scrolled fireshield and that's it.

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    Other than Fire Shield: Fire(50% Cold Absorbtion), I don't think there is another source for Cold Absorbtion.

    You can get Exceptional Resistance from Guild Augment Slots for a shield, I think the highest is 8 from a Large Slot, Water Savants get Exceptional Cold Resistance at each tier of the PrE(iirc), and I think the Passive Ranger Past Life adds exceptional Elemental Resistance. All of which should stack together.

    You shouldn't have a problem Tanking though. My Pale Master runs with a GS 10/15/20 Cold Absorb Weapon, Fire Shield: Fire, and Skyvault Shield, with arround 390 HP un-buffed and 450+ buffed up.

    Have Death Aura running(if not both Death Aura and Lesser Death Aura) and alternate Protection From Elements Mass(for a 150 point cold damage buffer), Negative Energy Burst(for healing if I drop to 2/3 HP), Cloudkill(20% Concealment), and Wall of Fire(keep aggro of the Shadows). A cleric that can pick up Harm is nice to have just incase(I usually never need it though).

    So far I've been able to do Normal and Hard with this setup. As long as you've got good dps on the chadow master and it doesn't take forever to kill him.

    Hope this helps.

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