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Thread: Potion Pouches!

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    Default Potion Pouches!

    Enough Said!

    ok.. maybe not enough so I will say more,

    Since "we" (you guys at turbine, I really had nothing to do with it) are breaking new ground in pulling items from bags for crafting and spell component pouches has been mentioned...

    What about a pouch (because it's sounds better as Potion Pouch, than Potion Bag) that can hold potions and other things we could hot bar from and drink.

    If it was said before and I missed it, then sorry for new post, it wasn't said, then Woot!

    Thanks for reading

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    It has been said before.

    The issue is tech bag in a bag how to pull just 1 of what you want. How do you hotkey/bar this?

    They are close, but notice bag issues did happen with the change.

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    i like the idea and easy make us have to do it like a quiver MUAHAHAHAHA
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    Thanks for the report and Whoa.
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    This is talked about a ton, and nothing is concrete at this point. Enter bugs with examples. Tons and tons of bugs. Make Gazebo cry.

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    Like the idea

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    Let me get this straight you want a potion pouch that you can also Hotbar potions from.. I'd totally sign this! Now here is my noob question can we hot bar from any other bag / quiver currently? If so I didn't know that.
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