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    Default Altar of Insanity: daze vs. melodic guard

    Assuming my goal in upgrading Xoriat armor is to make enemies stop and not fight, which guard is better?

    Also, does upgrade on this altar remove Trace of Madness, or is it done only with (currently bugged) Sustaining Symbiont?
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    I'd go with Melodic, it proc's quite a bit on my dt so I'd assume its the same proc rate. I've upgraded my armor with the +10 reflex save, but I don't think it removed the trace of madness. I'd have to log to confirm though.

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    Daze is not very useful because the condition ends when the dazed mob recieves another point of damage so I'd go melodic guard in that case. Trace of Madness does not disappear upon crafting, the only way to counter it is the sustaining symbiont (whereas I have to say that the only really severe effect is the -2 ench DC on the scepter). The symbiont is not really bugged beyond repair, just un-and reequip it upon logging in and changing items with Trace of Madness trait.

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