Simple request (maybe)

I grinded a bunch to get my crafting levels (100/100/88), and now I am trying to re-equip some of my alt characters with effects that I would like them to have on the item/slot that I want. Boy am I disappointed.

Can anyone tell me a good reason why certain effects are tied to specific items? I mean other than the standard “That’s what Turbine wants” answer.

I therefore suggest a modification to the crafting system, to make it a little more worth the overwhelming grind that it is. I suggest that shards effects be broken into 3 categories, weapon shards, equipment shards and armor/shield shards. In addition, an effect for the specific category could be placed on any item in that category; prefix/suffix limitations still apply.
So say I wanted to make a +6 Dex Trinket of GFL for some odd reason, than I could.

The argument that crafted items could be built that rivaled the power of raid items is really IMO not valid. I have raided for 4+ years and have also leveled in crafting….I can say that the grind is really the same time sink, just a different in its application.

Raid grinding= doing the same quest(s) over and over looking for a specific item(s)/ingredients, rinse and repeating after cool down

Crafting grinding=running quests over and over, gathering huge amount of essences, crafting large amount of useless shards just to level, deconning every worthwhile item/weapon you get, then rinse and repeating

This change would also make determining what shard can go on which item so much easier than the craft and guess or use a separate spreadsheet method.

Stay thirsty my friends, and if it’s been done AOK did it first