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    Quote Originally Posted by Tillann View Post
    Dkyle also falls into this area, and that's why he argues that these shards are easy enough to make.
    I do? Well then I'm sure you can tell me where I left them! I'd love to have them.

    Actually, I have have small stacks of Undead Bane shards, Evil Outsider Bane, Chaotic Outsider Bane, and a couple Dragon Bane shards. I made those when 10.1 was first previewed, and it looked the price was going to go way up on them. Not Greater Banes, regular old CL 40ish Banes.

    Turns out, regular banes gained nothing of real value (except perhaps the Dragon Bane), so the stockpiling was unnecessary.

    I do not have any Greater Bane shards. My highest CL is 54 in Divine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gloopygloop View Post
    I can make cakes wihtout flour, milk or eggs. I know that I can do that because I've done it.

    Having friends with wheat, dairy and egg alergies made for some creative baking, but it all worked out in the end.

    Thankfully, I did not substitute rocks, squirrels and leaves (although I may have added chipmunk funk in place of vanilla).
    OK, cake was a bad analogy, but the point was only certain ingredients should have certain effects. If that is the most desired effect then that is the most desired ingredient. Common or low level ingredients can have subsitutes but not the top end.
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    The clam can not be ransacked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobthesponge View Post
    Why should there be an alternative? If you're making a cake you're gonna need flour, milk and eggs. Subsituting rocks, squirrels and leaves won't work no matter how much you think it should to make your life easier.
    You're analogy is flawed.

    You could use baking flour, whole wheat flour, whole grain flour... even almond flour or soy flour, or any number of other alternatives.

    For milk... there's whole milk, skim milk, fat free milk, soy milk, lactose free milk, almond milk, soy milk, fat free soy milk, vanilla flavored soy milk... or again, a number of other alternatives.

    For eggs... you can use regular eggs, brown eggs, organic eggs, egg beaters, egg whites, etc.

    Now... mix and match all of those and you'll see hundreds of combinations to make a cake. And I didn't even mention the flavorings, types of chocolate (if it's chocolate cake), sweetener (sugar, brown sugar, sugar alternatives, honey, etc.).

    Your example is SERIOUSLY flawed.

    Even swordsmithing has alternatives as to what type of metal, how the metal is smelted, conditioned, forged, etc.... consider just the difference between the eastern method of forging swords (folding the metal numerous times) vs the western/european way of forging swords... and even in the west, compare the English way of forging swords with the spanish method. Sure... much of that had to do with the ore found in those particular areas, but still... the adaptations are certainly varied.
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