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    Question Greensteel weapon and accessory for caster

    I've one character that I plan on going for completionist (I'll never reach it but a goal is always nice..) and am about to do my first TR from a wizard to a sorcerer (will TR to FvS after). I'm nowhere near 20 shrouds on him so will only have 1 GS accessory for the time being; so my questions are:

    Which greensteel accessory first?
    1. Conc. Opp goggles with blindness/disease immunity, +5 cha skills, +150sp.
    2. Triple Pos goggles with Wizardry VI, Raise Dead clicky, +6 cha skills, +150sp.
    3. Triple earth item with +6 con skills, +45 HP.
    4. Mineral II item with +6 con skills, +45 HP, heavy fort and +5 protection.

    I'm leaning toward 1. first as while levelling HP generally isn't too much of an issue and a Conc. Opp item will likely be of more use during later lives than 2. (I plan of having UMD on most of his lives for scrolls) was only really considering 2. as I don't currently have Skiver or Bracers of the Glacier so thought Wizardry VI might be nice while levelling.

    Secondly is it worth creating any of the following greensteel weapons for a caster?
    1. Conc. Opp Morningstar With +6 Strength, +3 Charisma (Exceptional), +6 Wisdom, +10 Diplomacy, +10 Haggle.
    2. Triple Pos Morningstar with +6 Charisma, +3 Charisma (Exceptional), Raise Dead clicky.
    3. Triple Pos Morningstar With 10% 20% 30% Healing Amplification, Raise Dead clicky.

    I know Conc. Opp weapon and accessories stack so might be nice and +6 Wisdom would mean it might be useful for FvS life but is it worth the extra scales over 2. I do have a Shard of Xoriat so +1 Charisma (Exceptional) might be wasted but was planning on using a +2 luck trinket for UMD. No really reason for morningstar save I thought it might look better than a dagger..

    Any thoughts and guidance would be most welcomed.

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    Actually I have seen several people try the con-opp item+weapon in PvP and the result doesn't show they stack My sorc has both item and a weapon but he has also over 200 shrouds completed so if you are tight on ingredients, I suggest 1. from the first list and 2. from the second, they will do you just great in both sorc and FvS lives, when ever you decide to go for another 20 shrouds you can craft triple earth or min2 hit points item

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