I have been trying to search the forums, I have been trying to use google, I get hits from google, but all from April this year, and none that covers my question...

I have heard it BOTH WAYS that you lose your crafting levels, just like your favor when you TR, and that you don't.

What is the real deal? I have stopped bothering with crafting on my main on ghalanda because I was told that it resets to zero when you TR. We were just discussing this in market chat, and nobody knows for sure, but the larger consensus is that you keep your crafting, I also read this in release notes from a couple updates ago.

But things change with crafting so much while it is in BETA, nobody is sure about it.

Anyone that actually knows for sure that can clear this up for me before I sell all this gear I had planned to DC when the hall came back up would be my new bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!

Seriously, is there a definitive answer on this yet?