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    Quote Originally Posted by toughguyjoe View Post
    O.K. I can see that you are stuck on the word Beta. Lets throw that out the window. Crafting is currently in high scale testing.
    Testing really should have taken place on lama land before going live. Its taking real game plat, ingredients, collectibles, and whatever other resources people are spending on it. And then it changes? Not the way it should be.

    With that said, let me add, I love crafting and unless turbine really screws up and limits it to the point of insanity, I'll probably continue crafting even if I must avoid certain recipes. Lets just hope they don't change crafting in a way that makes any previous work into it worthless. (i.e.- taking away crafting lvls or xp or making already created shards worthless).
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    Quote Originally Posted by blkcat1028 View Post
    Point taken and I must concur. Increasing the cost for the shards of potential would be a better implementation of control. But you have to admit that using a devil scale to craft a greater lawful outsider shard is flavourful
    While I empathize with flavorful, I really do, flavor should not trump sensible or rational in the crafting system as a whole.
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