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    Default Can we at least deconstruct items?

    Ok we know there are issues with crafting.
    But could we at least get deconstruction device and deconstruction materials vendor?

    I am curently crafting material dry (I did some leveling before crafting gone down). Also in my equipment I still have items that I would like to deconstruct (probably as many others).

    Of course only if we won't get big crafting revamp -> "start from begining"

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    There's 2 bug for deconstruction, not WAI.
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    If we cannot get that can we at least get some kind of update on what the plan is:

    Are they planning on fixing this as soon as possible and have an up date in a few weeks or is this more of a major problem requiring much more development time and testing before it returns.

    As you can see we are an engage community, and many of weare looking forward to the crafting system to help augment the equipment on our characters. As i find it difficult to either get he drops I want or need, or find the equipment in the AH for a reasonable price.

    While I underatand you can't share detailed information with us, at least try to give us some indications on how long this might take.

    Maybe give us an idea what the goals are and how close you are to getting them completed. Lstting us know when there are set backs that might delay implementation of certain things is ok.

    We as a community eagerly await news on improvements and updates to the game.
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    Or, I don't know, perhaps back out this rushed and buggy patch??!!??

    Instead of impacting the players with newly implemented bugs, why don't they back out the patch, and send it back to an obviously much needed testing/qa session?

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    I deconstruct everything with something on it that would yield mats. My character and shared banks are full. Two mules are full. The rest were already full before this.

    If Turbine isn't going to re-open the hall in the near future, at least give us an temporary bank spot to toss the items in the interim.
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