Air Savant sucks in PvP. I used to just Icy Prison everybody, but no, I wanted to fly.

Well, this 20ranger came down and did his full Manyshot and did nothing but 0s because I have godlike DR.

While this was happening, his guildy fvs dude was pounding me with spells, which my ioun stone absorbed.

He managed to drain my stone by the time the ranger's manyshot was out and I killed it, so then killed the fvs.

The 2nd time, I had no charges. (they make me go in first they won't go in otherwise)

So I sat there and had to kill the ranger because the fvs was using DP and stuff on me.

While trying to kill the same ranger that did 0s to me blocking, BAM! I died. Let me tell you what happened.

Slayer Arrows (500) + Smiting's Bane (100) + -4 CON from Wounding (40) + Base Damage of 4 arrows + affects.

That's over 640 damage just because he had a Wounding Longbow of Smiting. Lesson: Go Ice Savant.

What would have happened if I were Ice Savant is this: Icy Prison, ranger dies, destroy fvs, then wait for more.