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    Default Changes I would like to see.

    My biggest complaint about crafting is the super grind required to lvl up in crafting skill.
    And the large amount of useless stuff I am forced to craft to do so.

    I would not mind a change that gave more XP for certain stuff, or that required less XP to lvl up. But I also understand (and think it is correct) that the system require you to lvl up your crafting skill.

    One idea I had is to let us try to make things that we have less than a 50% chance to make.

    The system already seems to be designed for this. And I woul dget a huge amount of XP if I was successful at making something I only had a 5% chance to craft.
    Plus I would probably have an item that I would actually want to craft!

    Rare ingrediants for powerful stuff.

    Ok...that fact is, the power gamer grind till you drop crowd will always be able to have the best stuff available in the game.
    Attempting to stop them is futile. And just hurts the casual guy.

    But it also makes sense that the best stuff should require rare ingrediants.

    But instead of making them with existing favor or raid only stuff, why not simply add some new rare ingrediants that can drop as normal chest loot?!

    This way no one has to grind a single quest over and over again, but can just simply do any quest in the game and get a chance to collect some rare crafting ingrediants.

    Anyway, those are my ideas. Many people have already said similar stuff.
    But feel free to add you own ideas too.
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    I could care less about the grind, I will get there eventually. IMO, what needs to go are the rare ingredients.

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    I'm not a fan of alot of the choices they made to slow down crafting certain shards, so I hope they keep looking at what is required. What I would like to see as well is a reduction in the cost and in some cases crafting levelled required for some of the more mundane recipes like +6 stat shards. So far the only thing of use to my 20 are the now gated weapon recipes and I would love to make some +6 stat items with useful prefixes, but I doubt I will level to 100 anytime soon. I'll likely get GS far sooner then I will hit 100 in crafting which seems kind of off.
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    I agree. It would be far better if they simply just made a few more new items. But I think it would be better to get the item required for greater dragon bane from quests where you fight dragons. Or... greater undead bane in quests where you fight lots of undead. They could also be one of the rewards at the end of a chain. Stuff like that.

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