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    Quote Originally Posted by Gkar View Post
    Because Mad in another thread said he mostly wanted people to craft for themselves.
    No, I was getting at the lvl 125/100 and the statement in the Release Notes stating 125 when it is only 125 unbound. As we have not gotten to the actual all random generated items available I would assume that we are not capped at 100 bound.
    So, again what gives here.

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    The release notes could be more specific. But Turbine has always used ambiguous details to hide any failings. The DDO Store is a perfect example.

    I do not know why or the reason behind it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaxx View Post
    then edit the release notes to say unbound crafting has been rasised to 125 not "■Players can now craft up to crafting level 125" crafting level implies all crafting not one half of it.
    The release note refers to the ability of players to now be able to get up to crafting level 125. Thanks for the feedback on the wording, though, we'll keep it in mind.
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