This seems to be a major concern (well it's one of mine, so Ill pretend everyone else cares as well)

It's been said/hinted (by Madfloyd) that that any favor rewards needed for crafting are going to be/should be BTA.

The problem is Yugo pots and SF pots are favour rewards needed for crafting, and they are BTC.

This either means that you have to grind the favour on your crafter (which is apparently not what the dev team wants) or they will become BTA, which seems..questionable,given their usefulness and relative power.

There have been a few suggestions on how to get around this issue (mine ,which is get rid of the pots as ingredient and use a BTA ingredient newly available from the appropriate vendor)
and another that suggests BTA pots would be OK, if there in a minimum level on them.

I'm sure you guys are busy, but if we could get some kind of clarification so many of us can get on with directing out nerdrage upon other targets., it would be awesome.

(Please, won't someone think of the Nerdragers?)