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First of all, I don't mind the idea of making the higher level crafting recipes more difficult. It needed to be done as more and more people are getting to higher level crafting levels and if everyone is wielding the perfect weapon in every scenario, it can be a problem for balance.
oh this is easily balanced out already. 1 randomly generated gear no matter how well it's been randomly generated, sux. crafted, not much better. 2 you only have so much inv and bank space as it is. even with the full complement of bags and ddo store bank slots and shared bank space, yer still gonnah be overflowing in no time. and dunno if you've noticed the heft of that crafting bag but, unless your a barb, yer gonnah be overweight real quick when the very first tag of ray of enfeblment or waves of exaustion strikes you.

at the very least, yer gonnah have fewer bags to wagon in yer haul to the venders.

devs, you buld up, not down. i see no reason to protect the ingame ah economy. no matter what, it will always settle into a nice little ripoff no matter what u do.