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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildseed View Post
    While you guys are taking a look at things, could you take a look at armor kits? I mean they are stuck on the armor, can't be moved around, yet cost so much points I could buy one with my standard 500 points a month as a VIP(of course I'm talking about the popular ones) Now if they were cheaper I'd put em on my leveling "clothes" my good clothes, the bad clothes, the ugly clothes(insert armor here) As it is I wait for my "final" set of armor before using it, and have to think really hard if I wanna farm up a different set before I bind it forever to a look. I mean these are cosmetics we're talking about, all it adds is a look, why can I only buy 1 for 1 character per month on a VIP account? Now mind you I have 20 characters (I like leveling) that means it will take me 20 months (I've been playing and "VIP" since beta) to buy each character outfits (I refuse to do it by the way so you are actually losing money), whereas if they were 120 points or 100 points or less I would probably equip all my characters with similar or even different looks, and also I would prolly change them with my mood (I am a girl and proud of it, we like new looks, long as it's purple!) Just saying.
    read by a dev.

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    Default Why the long wait?

    I understand that when you first open the device it has to download the receipes to your local machine in order to render them, but what I dont understand is why it has to do exactly the same thing if you close and re-open it immediately afterards.

    Surely they would implement some kind of "last update" flag or "checksum" which allowed your local machine to know if it already has the latest recipe information and thus doesn't need to go downloading it over and over again.

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